—  The  Jeremy Kyle Show —

The help network is receiving requests from women who foolishly appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show, whereupon social workers called to begin the process of seizing their children. It has transpired that British Social Services monitor the show to trawl for unfit mothers and children at risk. They use transcripts of the show as evidence that the children should be seized, with cases ranging from fighting with neighbours to requiring DNA tests to identify a father where a woman may have slept with several men during the same period.

When they attempt to flee the country with children or unborn babies, these unfortunate women then experience a second setback. The fact that the Jeremy Kyle Show is the cause of their fleeing alerts the Good Samaritans in the help network to the fact that they had appeared in the show and it becomes likely that tapes of the show in which they appeared will be circulated, Some women are even naive enough to send the tape to a potential Good Samaritan, who, regardless of her generosity, will be warned by colleagues that the woman will be trouble. One result is that these women can become pariahs that no one wants to help.

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