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If you need urgent help and Social Services are not yet involved, under no circumstances contact them because their orientation and the quotas they operate to - that is, their performance targets, require them to remove your children. Do not expect them to help you as a parent.

If you doubt this, read the next section where they are involved.

There are two main categories of involvement or potential involvement with Social Services, of particular relevance to pregnant women whose pregnancy is still not public. These categories can be regarded as 'off the radar' and 'on the radar' as far as Social Services are concerned. 'Off the radar' means not yet involved, and hopefully never will be involved, with them, while 'on the radar' is an entirely different matter, about which most of what follows deals with.

'Off the radar' could mean both a newly pregnant woman who has reason to believe that Social Services could be interested in her coming child and a parent or parents who have previously lost a child or children to them and have no hope of them being returned and who want to keep a coming baby that Social Services are still unaware of. Having no hope of previous children being returned is a relevant point because if such are still in foster care and not yet irrevocably adopted, they can be used as pawns to stop parents fleeing to have the new baby.

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